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N1YIS - Wayne Strout

Summer 2017  Oxford ARES/CERT Comm Newsletter

August 7 2017



The Antenna Removal Crew Hard at work on Sunday August 6.

First of all, many thank you’s to the Hams who worked to remove the antennas from the roof of the courthouse on Sunday. The morning started with 7 am planning session and breakfast. By 8 am we had climbers on the tower and the first antenna loosened and headed gently to the awaiting roof crew. Tower climbers were Maury KB1EZZ, and Brad N1GZB who safely and successfully removed the amateur radio HF and VHF/UHF antennas from the tower.  The roof and ground crew were Norm KA1SG Project Lead, Bob N1WJO, George W2GPJ, Marshall N1WFP, Wayne N1YIS.  Allyson Hill, our EMA Director, joined us briefly at the beginning of the project.  . Almost every one of the feedlines were saved and retracted through the roof. The bulk of the project was finished by 12 noon with some very temporary antennas rigged in the building.

This tower, for those of you that may not know, is being cut off the roof September 1st as the renovations start. Currently we have started to setup temporary antennas for the next 18 months. More work will need to be done both at the courthouse and at the trailer shelter to allow all of us to maintain emergency communications.  Permission was granted to set up a wire antenna at the shelter site.  Plans for a permanent installation at the courthouse/EMA are still in the planning stages with issues that need to be addressed with the commercial vendor for the RCC.  It is important that we all work together to setup a functional ARES/CERT comm. station that will cause no interference with Oxford County EMS system. 


IC718 Update                                                                        August 7, 2017

Received a call from Steve at HRO that the ‘718 will need to go out from repair to ICOM. The radio on their bench was “deaf” however they were unable to reproduce the whistle we had at the EMA building. 


Upcoming Events

September 1, 2017 Tower Comes off Roof at Oxford County Courthouse

Monthly Meetings

August 7, 2017   7pm  Oxford County EMA/ Courthouse

September 4, 2017 7pm  Oxford County EMA/ Courthouse

On Air Meetings/Nets

August 14, 2017       7:30 pm         146.88 repeater
August 21, 2017       7:30 pm         146.88 repeater
August 28, 2017       7:30 pm         146.88 repeater