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To the online radioroom of N1YIS

Oxford County ARES/CERT with the Andy Club present:

Andy Club Field Day will be at the Auburn Airport June 25 and 26.

Field Day 2016 is rapidly approaching.  We’re working hard to get everything organized.  Here’s how you can help:

Wednesday 15 June – ARES/RACES Field Day organizational meeting –

Andy EOC, 45 Oak St. (Central Fire) Lewiston –

5:30 PM-


N3FJP software,

FD assignments and information

Friday 24 June – FD site setup – Flightline Dr. Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport, Auburn – 2 PM – set up tents and supporting equipment, such as generators, in preparation for FD

Saturday 25 June  - FD setup and operation - Flightline Dr. Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport, Auburn –

starting at about 8 AM, operating begins at 2PM and goes through the night –

Those interested in operating, please sign up with the links above:

Please sign up for Pot Luck on Saturday evening with the links above

Sunday 26 June – FD operation and breakdown - Flightline Dr. Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport, Auburn –

operations will continue until about noon on Sunday, then breakdown can begin.  This usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete

Contact Tim, WT1A at wt1a.tim@gmail.com for more information or to volunteer.

The Oxford County ARES/CERT Comm Trailer will be on site and

at this time (June 13, 2016) is designated as the GOTA station for the event. 

We will need Extra Class Licensed amateurs to staff the trailer for the event to allow the station to operate on all HF amateur frequencies.