June 2016 ARESCERT Newsletter

Oxford County ARES/CERT Comm

June 2016








NWS   Weather Spotting Training  July 11, 2016

7:00 PM (1900 local time) at the Paris Fire Station 137 Western Ave. South Paris.


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our newsletter for the ARES/CERT Comm Group in Oxford County Maine.  We have a few events coming up this summer that I have listed above.  Also included in the newsletter are articles from both the ARES E-letter and the ARRL Newsletter.  Both e-Publications are available to ARRL members as an email. 

In our meeting this past Monday members of the Andy Club came to our meeting and let us know the site for Field Day had changed from the Poland Spring Inn to the Auburn-Lewiston Airport.  Tim Bubier WT1A explained the advantages of this site for antenna raising and space.  It looks to be a good weekend and I hope you all can make it to put both groups on the air. The current plan as of Monday was to operate as 4Alpha. 6 meter, 2 meter, and uhf will not change the station class. This looks like a whole lot of fun operating and socializing. A Pot Luck meal was mentioned for Saturday night but stay tuned (excuse the pun) for more information on that meal.  I hope I am either not driving or have short runs at work so I can go play radio.  The Oxford Comm Trailer will be setup as well.

In other news from here. After Oxford Networks retired the megalink server containing the webpages I had maintained for a number of years, I finally became frustrated enough to contact a new webhost this past week.  I have placed the initial page at www.n1yis.org and still have quite a bit of work ahead of me to get the site up and running the way it should.  The site will contain information for the Oxford County ARES/CERT Comm Group as well as personal projects and experiments.

So stay tuned for more information and emails from George Jones W2GPJ EC CERT Comm and myself Wayne N1YIS ARES EC for Oxford County.

Thank you for being part of this group and contributing your time and resources to make these events possible.

AND  a huge THANK YOU to John WQ1W for running the Monday night nets. If you haven’t checked in you should! He is getting us to test our gear- like 440, 220, 2m simplex, as well as passing digital traffic. Because all of you know that: If you don’t test and practice with IT, the IT probably won’t work when you need IT.


Wayne Strout, N1YIS



·  June 11-13 -- ARRL June VHF Contest (CW, phone, digital)


Meeting Notes:

Call to Order: 7:00 pm EDT


Introductions and In attendance: N1YIS Wayne, N1WJO Bob, KA1SG Norm, K1SSH Ed, WE1U David, KE6PIJ, Paul, WA1SKP Fred, WT1A Tim, W2GPJ George, .K1RAH Ray, WQ1W John



The team has until the end of July to spend closeout the FFY2014 sustainment funds. There is still money available for FFY2015 funding, as well as money available in county funding for FY2016.


Ongoing Projects:

Trailer rear jacks changed and moved-

Curtains-some need adjusting to fit

Lettering quote from sign lighting

Battery replacement – Many are at 5 plus years old in the trailer

Generator batteries needed- booster pack, or jumper cables

Repeater linking status- same as last month


Old Business:

Field Day: updates

Not at Poland Spring this year.

K1A Event sign

W1OCA will be the GOTA

            At the LA airport  Friday 2pm and then again on Saturday

            A 50’ tower has been borrowed from Kennebec County

            Oxford County Comm Trailer is going

            Antennas – we have some, bring and we can try them out

            Event station will operate  4A       

            Food potluck for Saturday night

            Bring power cables (labeled)

            VE session prior on Field Day @10:00 morning.

            EMA directors had wanted a county test to happen during Field Day


New Business

MARS station will be in MEMA after policy change

Up Coming Training:

Weather Spotter Training July 11 at Paris Fire Station 7pm

Net report:

Public Service Activities Reports

            Tour de Cure June 12th

                  Starts at the Wells to Kennebunk

Adjourn: 8:15pm  (2015 EDT)

From an email this past week


Two important points:

1.    RMS Express will be renamed as Winlink Express

2.    The optional registration fee for Winmor is now applicable to the entire client program. Not registering will not impair functionality but is recommended as it supports the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation. The fee is being reduced from $39 to $24 per base call sign.

73, Steve K4CJX


Trek Across Maine 2016


The Trek will be here in a few short weeks! Please review the information provided for important updates and reminders to help you prepare for your time as a volunteer at the Trek Across Maine: June 17 - 19, 2016!

Volunteer Important Info

Please watch your mailbox for the final volunteer mailing that will be arriving in early June! This mailing includes a letter with important details regarding volunteer check-in, rest stop locations, parking, a parking pass for the weekend, and more!

Specific volunteer groups will be receiving detailed emails from Lyn Neiz with task details, schedules, and other info prior to the Trek. Please make sure that this email address is approved for your inbox: Lyn.Neiz@Lung.org

Volunteer Needs

There are still a variety of positions that we are looking to fill with volunteers for the 2016 Trek. Some positions are available for one day only or for the full weekend. If you have any friends, family members, or if you belong to organizations that might be interested in volunteering with us, please share the registration link below or direct them to speak with Lyn! We are always happy to expand our Trek volunteer family!

Areas of need (all positions available Friday - Sunday):

      • Barricade Monitors
      • Finish Line Clean Up Crew
      • Route Marshals
      • Luggage crew
      • Rest Stop Crew

Click here to fill out the volunteer registration form.

There are other positions available, but these are our greatest areas of need at this point. Click here to contact Lyn for more details!










Recaps from May 2016

2016 Cycle the Seacoast 

The 7th annual Cycle the Seacoast was a very successful day! There were 342 registered participants assembling 34 teams and 230 volunteers devoting their time and energy. Starting and finishing at the Redhook Brewery, the 2016 cyclists and volunteers helped the American Lung Association of the Northeast create another year of memories while raising money for a great cause. This year’s Cycle the Seacoast saw the largest turn out for both cyclists and volunteers in our 7 year history and we have raised $92,000 to date with fundraising efforts continuing through June. The mission of the American Lung Association is to improve lung health and prevent lung disease through education, advocacy and research. Funds raised by the Cycle the Seacoast support this mission in New Hampshire and throughout the Northeast.

  • 342 registered cyclists
  • 255 riding cyclists
  • 230 registered volunteers
  • 34 Teams (44% of cyclists were part of a team)
  • 56 Winner’s Circle Members (to date)
  • $72,662 in pledges
  • $92,000 total raised          

ergie Team


Congratulations to the top fundraising teams and individuals!! Thank you for everyone's fundraising efforts for the 7th annual Cycle the Seacoast. We will continue accepting donations through the end of June. Please contact CycleTheSeacoast@LungNE.org with questions. 


Net Reports:


May 30, 2016

Started:        1930

Ended:          1944


KB1TPH        Jim

KC1AIH         Miriam

N1MTA          Bob

WA1REQ       Mike

WE1U            Dave

WQ1W           John


May 23, 2016

Started:        1930

Ended:          1950


K1RAH        Ray

KA1SG        Norman

KB1MEE      Mark

KB1TPH      Jim

KC1AIH       Miriam

WE1U          David

WQ1W         John


May 16, 2016

Started:        1930

Ended:          2004


KA1SG        Norman

KB1MEE     Mark

KB1UTD      Mike

KC1AIH       Miriam

KC1DSO     Susan

N1YIS          Wayne

WE1U          David

WQ1W         John

Miriam and David each sent one fldigi and one flamp message. Norman, David and John received both messages from Miriam as sent. Miriam, Norman and John received the fldigi message fine, but all three of us had problems with the flamp message sent by David. I believe my (WQ1W) issue is in the receiving configurations.

May 9, 2016

Started:    1930

Ended:      1948


KB1KNC        Butch

KC1AIH          Miriam

KC1DSO        Susan

N1UXV           John

N1YIS             Wayne

WE1U             Dave

WQ1W            John



On Air Net Summary



Net time in hours

man hours
























Total Net




To the online radioroom of N1YIS

Wayne Strout