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Antenna Projects

Hustler BV4T Antenna upgrade

160 Meter Dipole

Traveling antennas

Cushcraft R3 repairs

Bud antenna radio telescope

 160 Meter Dipole

About a decade ago I decided to attach and solder all the spare pieces of wire I had laying around. Most of it was 10 gauge THHN with some 12 gauge THHN mixed in. After a morning of spicing and soldering I found I had about 268 feet of wire. So I snipped the wire in half and I added an 18 inch middle section of PVC pipe. I looped the ends through some spare insulators I had laying around and soldered the ends. Next with a heavy piece of twinlead I soldered the centers to it an added a balun. This antenna has seen several 160 contests over the years. At one point I modified it into a full wave loop. Reception improved only slightly and transmission not at all(as matter of fact it was probably worse.) It was operated during the winters over ledge with a huge granite block (Ryerson Hill just north of Mt. Tom) about a quarter mile from the house.  This antenna is also due for some serious maintenance this summer.  Pictures will follow as the project progresses.

Traveling Antennas

- more later on these.

Hustler BV4T upgrade

In February at WinterFest, the Augusta Club's Hamfest, I picked up a preowned and apparently unused Hustler BV4T. For those of you who may not know, this is a vertical trap antenna for 4 bands (40, 20, 15, and 10 meters). With very little research, I found DX Engineering sold parts that would allow me to expand coverage to 75m as well.

When I looked at the bottom of the antenna, I noticed that it could be adapted for coax feedline. So two orders  and packages later I now have the equivalent of a BV5T. It now resides outside on the tilt-over base purchased from DX Engineering.  Here at the pond we regularly experience winds over 60mph in storms. I thought it would be prudent to have the antenna horizontal on a secure 'bed' when it was not being used. Pictures will accompany this project as it moves outside and the ground plane wires are attached.

I guess I won't put the tower up today.

Radio Telescope

As any Ham operator will tell you, we gather 'stuff'. We also have an awful curiosity about all kinds of things. My curiosity of the heavens has been further heightened by the possibility of harnessing two 10 parabolic dishes together to search the skies. Dishes have been acquired. Mounts have not been made yet. It looks like it might be a good welding project for me when I get bored. ;-)

 N1YIS - Wayne Strout

Cushcraft R3 

10,15,20 meter antenna

Shortly after I earned my General ticket I acquired a Cushcraft R3. Some of my friends were naysayers on the antenna and the mounting I was going to use. It is amazing how antennas can work over ledge. and the R3 has worked well until this past winter. The heavy wet snow pulled the coax out of it and the years of sun had also done a number on the rubber covers on the different sections. Pictures of the repair and restoration will be forth coming as time permits.

The Towers