A Note from the March 2nd 2020 Meeting:

We had a discussion on the purchase of a new laptop for the ARES/CERT Comm Trailer. While we didn't make any concrete decisions at the meeting, Mark N1SNP brought up the topic of micro computers. This inspired me to do a little research in this area. The links below are some of the branches I have followed.

The links below contain some of the project computers available.

Comparison of 5 mini/micro computers

Odroid units

Raspberry Pi Units

ASUS and Arduino/pcDuinos

Fruit PI

Intel Atom boards

These are 2 units I am working on for a Packet station. I was looking for a low cost, low power consumption, flexible unit.  These units are smaller than 7'x7"x1.25" and can be mounted on the back of monitors and TV's.

The ACEPC 11 has room for a 2.5 SATA III SSD or HDD.  As I said I am currently working to see how well these run SarTrack, APRS.fi, Fldigi,SSTV, and packet software and on dual monitors. (The second unit was purchased as a 'Today's Special" for considerably less than the Amazon regular price.)

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